Isuzu Vision: Our activities for the future
Plans and Environmental Initiatives

Plans for Tomorrow: 1. Environment
As a global company, we must be responsive to environmental issues. The use of alternative fuels, such as hydrogen, has become a hot environmental topic with regard to issues such as global warming, ozone layer depletion, and the depletion of fossil fuels. Fuel cells, for example, are a key alternative to crude oil for providing clean energy. Fuel cells convert hydrogen to electricity through a chemical process, rather than burning a fossil fuel to create heat that is then converted into other forms of energy.

We set our goals high in order to provide world-class, high-efficiency technology. We have introduced casting plants, chemical plants for automatic metal pickling, and environmental plants for exhaust gas processing.
Isuzu has presently tasked itself to address the challenges of the world's environmental issues.

Plans for Tomorrow: 2. GEC (Global Engineering Corporation)

Establishment of GEC (Global Engineering Corporation):

We recognize that getting down to solving environmental issues is an important part of doing business and operating with a global perspective. In 2007, we established GEC in Nagoya as a hub shop for this vision.
GEC is a jointly held company by Isuzu Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Protec Japan Co., Ltd., formed in order to steadily realize the globalization of our businesses.

GEC's first step is to launch a joint venture in the Chinese city of Tianjin (GECC). Tianjin, the largest open port in northern China, is under the direct control of China's central government. It is China's economic center and only two hours from Beijing by freeway or high-speed direct train. While the world simply gazes at this strategic location, we will surely respond to local requirements and penetrate the market for fuel cells, a pollution-free power source.
We are determined to tackle projects that deal with energy and environmental issues, as well as to beat the competition in the 21st century.

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