February 5, 2008
News from Isuzu
Isuzu develops the "Kawara Crusher" for Recycling Roof Tiles
Isuzu made possible the realization of the plans of Kaneko Co., Ltd. to make effective use of discarded roof tiles. Isuzu's Akita Plant and Kaneko Co., Ltd. (in Akita Prefecture) jointly developed and commercialized the Kawara Crusher, a roof tile crusher.

Normally, discarded roof tiles are treated as industrial waste and hauled to a landfill. With the Kawara Crusher, roof tiles are broken into fine particles, which then can be recycled into valuable resources.

With the Kawara Crusher, Kaneko Co., Ltd. is able to perform nationwide sales of gardening products such as potting soil, paving materials, etc.

"Hana-Run-Run" is potting soil made from recycled tile particles and Towada stone. "Kawarando," a garden pavement material, is made from powdered tile mixed with a solidifying agent.

Visit the official website of Kaneko Co., Ltd.
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