February 5, 2008
News from Isuzu
Isuzu to be awarded Aichi Quality Certification
Aichi Prefecture recognizes industries located in Aichi that have three essential competencies: 1) product quality; 2) a "customer-first" approach; and 3) consideration for the environment. Isuzu has been granted Aichi Quality Certification by Aichi Prefecture as a manufacturer possessing the above competencies.

Industry situated in Aichi Prefecture has enabled the region to maintain its first position among all prefectures for product shipments in Japan every year since 1977, spanning the past 30 years. From among a broad range of sectors such as automobiles, machinery, metals, ceramics, chemicals, electrical machinery, textiles, food processing, furniture, and so forth, industry in Aichi Prefecture plays a vital leadership role in Japan. In order to encourage the competency of industry as well as widely publicize their potential throughout the world, Aichi Prefecture selects and certifies excellent companies as the standard-bearers of "Aichi Quality."

Visit the Aichi Quality official website to see a list of Aichi Quality companies.
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