June 12, 2007
June 12, 2007 Nikkan Kogyo Newspaper
Isuzu to develop New Low-Pressure Die Casting Machine Directly Driven with Servo Motor Technology
Isuzu's new low-pressure die casting machine with direct-drive servo motors has been featured in the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (Business & Technology Daily News). The following text is a translation of the original article.

Isuzu Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has developed the "SP-1-C-3," a new, industry-leading, low-pressure die casting machine using servo motor technology for upper die tightening. The servo motor consumes only 40% of the electricity used by hydraulic-based machines. It is also safer because there can be no leakage of hydraulic fluid. The company is planning additional test runs and early commercialization.

This product is the result of a joint venture with a servo motor manufacturer. With high torque, low speed rotation, this model is specifically designed for low-pressure die casting. The ball screw is directly attached to the inside of a hollow rotor in a vertically positioned motor.
This structure allows the ball screw to move vertically as the motor rotates, applying varying amounts of pressure to the upper die. Power is transmitted directly from the ball screw to the upper die instead of through gears, therefore superior energy efficiency is made possible.
Isuzu will market the SP-1-C-3 to be used mostly for automobile cylinder head and wheel hub casting. The company also plans to help clients convert their existing hydraulic machines to the servo motor solution.
The hydraulic method requires a constant oil supply in order to maintain a specific pressure level during the tightening process. Isuzu's task was to reduce both electricity consumption and motor noise.

The company will exhibit the SP-1-C-3 at GIFA 2007, the international foundry trade fair held in D_sseldorf, Germany, from June 12.

(Right: SP-1-C-3 showcased at GIFA 2007; photo courtesy of Isuzu)
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