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From the Executive Team
We strive to promote "beyond-the-box" thinking in our company that leads to rich, new, and unconventional ideas.
Hisayoshi Tomimatsu,
President and CEO

Since our establishment in 1939, Isuzu Manufacturing has grown to become an internationally recognized and
comprehensive engineering company, with a wide range of technological developments. Although we are
best known for achievements in the advancement and development of low-pressure die casting machines, we
are about much more than that. Our corporate culture is based on a history of responding with "Combination
Technology" to a wide range of customers. Combination Technology is the result of accumulating years of
knowledge and experience by combining ideas with product development. We strive to maintain this venture
spirit and continue to defy conventional boundaries. Our goal is to be considered as a company that can
produce even the unexpected, and our achievements are surely something to keep your eye on.

Isuzu Philosophy _ Our desires behind the logo

In 1990, taking the opportunity of the company's 40th anniversary, we launched our corporate identity (CI)
campaign. We use our logo as the symbol for the striving efforts to reach our company goals in the 21st
Corporate Concept
To be a machine-system provider that improves the competitiveness of customer companies with innovative combination technologies.
Symbol Mark
Isuzu's corporate concept is represented by the color and shape of our logo.
Sharp oval
Green is the image of fresh ideas, and the shape represents the combination of manufacturing and software technology.
Triangular shape with a single curved side
Blue is the image of our sophisticated technology, and this shape represents our commitment to engineering and hardware technology.
The first part of our motto, "Join Together." declares our philosophy, attitude, and goals for progress. We create sophisticated machine-system solutions by joining together the processes of manufacturing and engineering, as well as software and hardware technology. We strive to create valuable technology as the foundation of our relationships with customers and their relationships within the global marketplace.

Yes, I can do it.
"Yes, I can do it," the remainder of our motto, reminds us of the importance of achieving our goals and providing what our customers want.
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